Restaurant and catering insurance

At Gallagher we are proud and active platinum partners of the Restaurant and Catering Association Australia (R&CA). This relationship helps us to understand the challenges that face businesses in your industry and we have been involved in developing hospitality insurance solutions for many years. We know that as the owner or manager of a restaurant, cafe or catering business, you are extremely busy with the day-to-day running of your operation. Your insurance program is probably the last thing on your mind.

The Hospitality industry, however, face multiple insurable risks that arise out of your wide range of responsibilities – to your customers, your staff and your property and assets. At Gallagher, we recognise that your hospitality business is unique and so are your insurance and risk management requirements.  Our hospitality insurance specialists will work with you to understand your business, and access each risk in order to tailor a comprehensive and cost effective risk management and insurance program.

Let us help you ensure that you, your staff and your business are protected when the unexpected happens.

Your hospitality business is unique. Your hospitality insurance should be too.

Working with so many business in the hospitality insurance, we know one thing - no two businesses are the same. As your insurance broker, we are focused on deeply understanding your hospitality business so that we can position you to financially survive any insurable event, and we have a team of specialist insurance brokers that are able to deliver on that promise.

Once we have established the risks that are unique to your business, we act on your behalf and leverage our relationships with Australia’s biggest and most competitive insurance companies. Our expertise ensures that the insurance options we obtain for you have no gaps in protection and no expensive overlaps – one of the chief risks when purchasing standard or ‘off-the-shelf’ insurance policies. The result is a comprehensive, cost effective insurance program tailored to the needs of your business.

The biggest risks to your business as identified by our specialist hospitality insurance brokers are:

Why choose Gallagher as your insurance broker

We understand your business. We are the endorsed insurance broker for your Association. Our close relationships the Restaurant and Catering Assoication of Australia and our 4,000 clients nationally in the hospitality industry give us valuable insights into the challenges the industry faces.

We are where you need us to be. We are proud of our local focus in all metropolitan centres and regional centres. With 34 insurance brokerages nationally you will find us just around the corner.

If the unexpected does happen, we are there we you need us most. We have 89 years of insurance and risk management experience and are well positioned to proactively assist you with the guidance, support and advocacy required to ensure that you quickly get back to business. For more information about making a claim, please click here.

Contact an expert to assist you with your hospitality insurance solution

Contact our hospitality insurance team today to find out more about our insurance solutions, so that you can get on with business.



Why do I need an insurance broker?

You use an accountant to give you tax advice. You use a solicitor to give you legal advice. In the same way, it makes sense to use an insurance broker to give you insurance advice.

An insurance broker is skilled in knowing the right questions to ask to find out the risks you have, and then ‘broking the insurance market’ to negotiate with insurers on your behalf to find the best deal for you that gives you exactly the right cover you need at the best price.

Many people are skeptical about paying for an insurance broker. The value of an insurance broker comes to the fore at ‘the moment of truth’ when the unexpected happens and you need to make a claim. That’s when our clients can have peace of mind knowing that they can get their business back on track quickly and without worry because they have the right cover in place.

In short, an insurance program developed by an experience broker helps you by making sure that:

  • you’re not paying for anything you don’t need,
  • you’re not paying for expensive overlaps across policies, and
  • you’re covered for everything you do need.

How do I get started on my insurance planning?

Before you see an insurance broker, here is our simple 5-step plan to get your insurance planning on the right track.

1. What keeps you awake at night?

No two businesses are the same. Insurance can cover many risks and a good starting point is to make a list of everything that could cause an unexpected financial loss in your business. In particular, the things that worry you most are probably the things that need to be managed as a top priority.

2. Mind the gaps

Leaving risks exposed or under-insured can cost far more than an investment in insurance. Do a stock-take of all your policies to see if you’ve covered all your bases. For example, if you rent your business premises, check your lease to make sure you are covered to the right limits specified in your lease.

3. Is your house in order?

Next, think about some key housekeeping questions relating to your business. When was your property last valued? When did you have your last health and safety check? (for security, fire protection and so on).

4. Family first

Make a list of any life, trauma, income protection and other personal insurances. Ideally, you should develop a program that covers both your family and your business.

5. Go with a pro

Last but not least, compile your preparation and find an insurance broker who you can trust. For convenience, look for a ‘full service’ broker who can help you with both your business and personal insurances.

Gallagher is the endorsed broker to the Restaurant & Catering Association, and can help identify what insurance you require and also mitigate your risks and minimise what can be a significant financial impact on your business should the unexpected happen.  

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